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If only 30% of change projects succeed (Kotter 1996, McKinsey 2008) how
are the projects within your business faring? Are you confident that they
will achieve their outcomes? Are you able to predict how much of the
stated benefits they will realise? Do all the people within the business
know what the change is and why it is happening?

Join this Founders’ Mastermind and learn:

How to engage with the people within the business so well, they drive the change for you

How to manage the complexity of large scale programmes and portfolios with ease

How to track and trace the benefits through every change and handover in the life of the programme, without losing sight of the ‘golden thread, that connects them to the business case

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This Mastermind is perfect for:

• Experienced project and programme managers, with deep knowledge of how to design, implement and deliver change, but now want to deliver more value to their clients.

• Sponsors of large-scale projects spanning years or decades, who are accountable for benefits across multiple business units.

• Business Directors or Change Directors, accountable for multiple, high value Transformations.

What do you get in addition to the value you have already seen?

As Founder members of this Mastermind, you will receive the following:

• 10% discount on ALL Masterminds held by Belay. (£500 per Mastermind)

• No fees to pay for access to the Community (normally £120 per year)

• Separate Founders area in the Community

• Advance notice of all events for early booking

Multiple surveys since 2008 indicate that the success rate is still 30% or less for completed transformations. There are many articles, blogs and posts on the internet sharing excellent information on why so many fail, with suggestions on what needs to be done to increase the chances of success; so why is the number still so low?

The answer is that while the articles state WHAT needs to be done, they don’t help you understand HOW to do it. This means that many people rely on consultancies to manage the change for them, ironically decreasing the chance of embedding the change they desire.

This Mastermind will give you the strategies and tools to deliver lasting change within your business, without hiring an army of consultants. The cost of change will be drastically reduced and your benefits will be realised faster.


• What is the biggest challenge you face with getting value from your projects.

• What percentage of your change projects achieve their stated benefits

• How well is change practised within your company (drop down menu – (V well – Not at all))